Young researchers develop Green Tech solutions!

From 15 until 19 August 2016, 2nd International Summer School “Product Development: Green Technologies” took place in Riga Technical University (RTU). Young researchers developed new solutions for environmental problems and green tech challenges during 5-day intensive training program. Several of these solutions will be developed further in cooperation with entrepreneurs and scientists.

Young researchers were faced with 5 different challenges: use of bioreactor for industrial greenhouses; teaching children about green energy; development of flood risk forecasting platform for different user groups; engagement of local community in dealing with odour pollution; and development of urban floating gardens.

In only 5 days, one of the teams developed an early prototype for educational stand “Can you beat the Sun?” It allows 7 – 11 years old children to learn about solar energy through competition. The prototype will be further improved in cooperation with science center “ZINOO”.

Another interesting prototype can be seen floating on Zunda channel in Riga. Those are platforms of floating gardens which is the visible part of the prototype. Underneath the water, there is a more complex system that helps to clean the polluted water. This is an important first step in creating environmentally friendly floating urban gardens that will be used to facilitate the work of RTU researchers.

In case of flood risk forecasting and odour pollution detection, the Summer School participants decided to focus on IT solutions. The team working on flood risk forecasting platform came up with a lot more diverse solution that would allow people to report different nature risks like snow, rain, floods, fire etc. via simple mobile app. But the team working on community engagement in dealing with odour pollution proposed a whole set of tools – a kit consisting of web page, mobile application, diary that would allow different groups of people to report unwanted odour in their neighborhood.

Finally, the team working on bioreactor proposed an improved technological solution that could be used to advance the initial product. Scientists of RTU Cēsis Affiliate already expressed wish to establish cooperation with the team in order to join forces on further product development.

The Summer School was organized by RTU Doctoral School in cooperation with RTU Design Factory. And this year 25 Master and Doctoral students from 7 different universities around Europe took part. The participants worked in interdisciplinary teams supported by lecturers and mentors in development of new ideas and prototypes.

In conclusion of the Summer School, RTU Vice-Rector for Research Tālis Juhna invited all participants to continue working on the ideas by using support available at Green Technology Incubator or provided by EU’s main climate innovation initiative “Climate-KIC”.

 Photos from the Gala Event: