Green energy + kids + learning = ?

In other words, how to create a physical experience for kids to learn and produce green energy?


Our society is globally looking towards green and renewable energy as the only viable option for our species survival. Therefore developing knowledge of the younger generation in green technologies and renewable energy is an important undertaking for us as a community. As scientists, engineers, designers and educators, we shall vulgarize the technology & knowledge to make it understandable to a large part of society. How can we simply explain to kids what is green energy and why it is important through practical experiments that they can later explain to their friends, parents and grand-parents?

About the challenge provider

The challenge has been provided by Pauls Irbins from ZINOO (

We are looking for

All Disciplines


Industrial Design

Graphic design

Material Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

Applied Physics

Environmetal Science

& other curious people!