Air Pollution + Proof + Community = ?

In other words, how local community can be involved in detecting and proving occurences of air pollution in their neighbourhood?


Sarkandaugava is one of Riga districts that suffers from air pollution, specifically odor pollution. And this has a serious impact on the quality of life of the local residents. At the same time, the occurance of this type of air pollution is hard to prove as it needs to be measured with specific devices at specific time which is rarely possible. It also doesn’t help that relevant services are not able to react to residents’ complaints in time. So the challenge is all about finding alternative ways how local community can measure or monitor air pollution in their neighborhood and give consistent proof of odor pollution occurences.

About the challenge provider

The challenge is prepared in cooperation with local NGO in Sarkandaugava – Sarkandaugavas attīstības biedrība (

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Biology & Biochemistry

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